Payment Questions


How much is the security deposit?

Security Deposits are $400.00 or 10% of the bid amount, whichever is greater. Deposit is required to activate a bid. Deposits are accepted via Bank Wire Transfer (all values) Credit Card and PayPal (up to $2,000.00, i.e. two thousand dollars).

International customers from countries where PayPal is not available need to make sure necessary funds are transferred to a specified affiliated dealer’s account via Bank Wire Transfer prior to submitting an offer.

Please note the customer’s account will be suspended for non-payment if the customer doesn’t send the deposit on-time. Suspended customers may be reinstated only by sending a deposit via wire transfer, which will be applicable to his/her next purchase. Please plan accordingly to submit your payment in advance.

Please note if a customer submits an offer with RideSafely and has an available credit, the available credit will be used toward the bid deposit.

Please note credit card payments are placed on hold and are automatically released after a 21 day period. Therefore, any credit on your account that has been billed to a credit card, will only stay on your account for 21 day period.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Auto AuctionCustomer Service team

When will I receive my refund?

Refunds are processed weekly and are remitted within 30 days after customer request. Read more

I submitted payment in currency other than US Dollars. What currency will my refund be remitted?

All refunds for payments sent to US are remitted in U.S. dollars only! Canadian customers must submit their payments to in CANADIAN DOLLARS ONLY! All refunds to Canadian customers are remitted in Canadian dollars. All refunds for payments made to the other international offices are made in the local currency.

Please let us know if you need any assistance.


Auto AuctionCustomer Service team


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