Vehicles Questions


Can I inspect the vehicle?

In most cases you would have to be a registered dealer at that particular auction location. However, some yards may have inspection services available to you. Please contact our customer service line at (215) 289-0300 for more information and contact numbers. Read more

What does it mean “Not actual miles”? Do I need additional paperwork?

You may have to do mileage correction on that item. Please check with your state requirements as each state laws are different.
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What does it mean “Certificate of Destruction”?

If you are a USA customer, certificate of destruction means parts only to you. Meaning this item can only be used for parts and cannot be registered in the United States. You can however export it if needed. Read more

Do you not carry all IAAI auctions?

We do. If you have a stock number you cannot locate, please call us with it at (215) 289-0300 or email it to us to and we will load it for you. Read more