What happens if I win a vehicle at the auction, but then change my mind and decide that I do not want it?

All bids are binding and all sales are final. If we successfully win a vehicle for you at auction and you decide to change your mind or forgo the sale, your deposit will be kept for relisting fees. Please be aware, relisting fees vary by auction. The minimum relist fee is $400 and it may be as high as 15% of your winning bid. Read more

How to delete a bid?

Please keep in mind, all bids are binding. If you need to delete a bid, you must contact customer at (215) 289-0300 and a representative would be able to assist you and finding out if there is still time to delete or the item is already going through the auction. Read more

How do I cancel my bids / order?

All bids are binding. You may still have an option to cancel your bid if the item hasn’t gone through the auction and we haven’t purchased the item yet. Read more

Can you retract a Bid ?

If the auction hasn’t passed on the item, yes, we can retract your bid. Once it goes through the auction, your bid is binding. Read more