If I win a bid and during the shipment I decide not use a container but rather go in for ro ro how do I change the shipment process?

Considering we do not do shipping, you would have to arrange that with your export/shipping company directly. Learn more about How much does it cost to ship a car?. Read more

Do I have to be an IAAI member for you to bid on a vehicle for me?

No, you do not have to be a member of IAAI. We are a broker for auctions like IAA and possess all the necessary licensing to bid on your behalf. All you need to have is a valid ID. Read more

Auto Auction Fees can be waived?

If you are asking if auction fees can be waived than the answer is No. Auctions charge fees to sell a vehicle and unless the item is marked “Special Promotion” or “No Fees” listing, then it will include auction fees. Read more

A lot of fraud going online, can you tell me how secure is RideSafely?

We are very secure. You can check www.inc.com and search for RideSafely.com, Inc., to see that we were on Inc. 500 list in the past several years, also check IAA – Licensed Brokers Listing. You can definitely trust us with your purchase and you won’t be disappointed. Read more