What does “not to be sold in the US” mean? Actually why is the better question

“CANNOT BE REGISTERED IN THE US” means that the vehicle was deemed to be unsafe for the US roads by an insurance company or a law enforcement agency. These vehicles usually come with documents called “Certificate of Destruction”, “Non-Registerable”. “Junk Title”, “Bill of Sale only”, “Parts Only”, et al. Read more

The car I want to buy doesn’t have the keys where do I go to get the keys or can I buy new keys or I can’t not do.

You should be able to get a key made by a local dealership of the same car company as the one you purchased. The dealership will usually require to see the vehicle’s title paperwork that confirm’s your ownership of the vehicle. For a less expensive alternative, you can try contacting your local locksmith or finding one on a website such as Craigslist.org Read more

Where do the titles come from?

After a purchase is complete and your vehicle is picked up, the auction will mail the title to us. Once we process your title it will be mailed to you using the service you would have selected.
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What costs are associated with winning an auctioned vehicle, beside actual bid?

There are other fees associated with the purchase such as ridesafely fee, auction fees and paperwork fee. To find out the exact amount, please use FEE CALCULATOR located next to each bid button to review total payment with all the fees. Learn more about What is the RideSafely fee? Read more