How it works Bidding on multiple items at the same time?

As a new customer, the system limits you to bidding on only one vehicle at a time. If you already have a bid on a vehicle, you will not be able to bid on another vehicle and will receive an Unpaid Fees notice. Read more

If i bid and i don’t win then how much money am i out?

You do not pay any money unless we are able to win the vehicle for you. When you give us a deposit via credit card, we put those funds on hold (we do not charge your credit card). If item is won, we can use it towards your invoice. If not, it will automatically get voided back to your credit card within 5 business days. Learn more about Credit Card Hold FAQ Read more

Where does one go to view/listen/watch/observe/partake of the live auction?

Not all auctions are available live. If you find a vehicle of your choice and it has a green window that says
LIVE AUCTION BROADCAST, only those are available to participate in live auctions. Read more

Will Ridesafely buy cars from individuals or companies?

No. We do not take vehicles for consignments. Please feel free to contact your local auction as they may be able to assist you with that. Read more

Buy it now auctions. Does the highest bidder get the car or is the buy it now price the lowest you accept?

Buy now auction are a set price auction. They also work on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means whomever comes up with the full payment first, gets the item. Please keep in mind, if nobody buys the item at a buy now price, it will go to a scheduled auction and may sell for cheaper or higher (depending on the item). Learn more about How it works “Buy Now Vehicle” option? Read more