If I purchased a car in Texas, can my friend pick up the car and do the shipping on my behalf?

Yes, you can have a friend or a transporter pick up the vehicle on your behalf. Once purchased, we will provide all necessary information. Read more

Do i need to register to able to bid or buy a car?

Yes, you do need to register and submit a deposit in order to bid and activate your bid. Registration is quick and free. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at (215) 289-0300. Read more

Why does every auction I want to bid in asks me to contact customer service?

Some auction item require special licensing or special services. Depending on what item you are bidding on, restrictions may apply. Please do contact customer service at (215) 289-0300 with inventory number you are interested in for more details. Read more

How can I find out how much a truck sold for at auction?

Most of the time we might have that information. Please reply back with inventory number for more potential information. Read more

Are all fees included in Buy it Now price?

All fees are separate. Please use FEE CALCULATOR located next to the BID or BUY NOW buttons to calculate your total due. Read more