Do Ridesafely have selling outlets in every state in America? is a broker for insurance company auction. Auctions are all over United States and we are able to purchased from all of them. Read more

Can I drive a vehicle home if it is listed as a repossessed vehicle?

We never recommend you driving a vehicle home. These vehicles have not been inspected for safety and we cannot say how long they have been sitting at the yard and what may be wrong (safety-wise). Read more

How long does registration take before I can bid on an auction? Can i register with ridesafely Monday and bid the same or next day?

Absolutely. Registration should not take you more than few minutes. You would have to register, confirm your account and you can start bidding from that point. You would have to secure your bid with a credit card deposit of either $400 or 10% of your bid, whichever is greater. Please keep in mind, the deposit is 100% refundable if we are not able to win the item for you. Read more

What is maximum total sale price?

Maximum total sale price depends on your bid amount. Please use fee calculator located next to the bid button to figure out your total maximum payment including all the fees. Please keep in mind, if it sells for less, you get it for less. Read more