How do buyers inspect vehicles?

Inspections are not available as our service. You must be a registered dealer with that particular auction to go in and inspect a vehicle. Some auctions do provide inspection services for extra charge prior to the auction. Read more

Why do I have to submit a credit card to increase a bid on a car I already bid on?

Each vehicle you bid on require a deposit. A deposit must be either $400 or 10% of your bid (whichever is greater). So, for example, if your original bid was $4000, your required deposit was $400. If you later decide to increase that bid to $5000, an additional $100 will be required to up that bid to $5000. Learn more about How does RideSafely Services – Copart Auction, IAAI work and How much is the security deposit.
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How much time to pick before charging storage fees?

Storage fees vary by auction. Some have 2 days free of storage fees, some go up to 5 calendar days. Please refer to your invoice or call our customer service at (215) 289-0300. Learn more about If storage fees are incurred, how do those fees get paid and Is there a time limit to pick up vehicle. Read more

What do i need to do to get the full documents to ship the car by Haulmatch?

We would work directly with Haulmatch to deliver the documents to them. Please have Haulmatch contact us when you are ready for purchase/export. Read more