I bid on a truck, how do I give the deposit just in case I win the bid?

Deposits are done via our auction website or over the phone. Full payment must be done within 2 business days of an invoice being posted via secured funds such as bank wire transfer, cashier’s check or a money order. Learn more about How do I pay for the car? Read more

Are debit cards allowed to purchase Buy Now automobiles?

Debit/credit cards are only accepted for deposit purpose only.

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How do I purchase a Buy Now Vehicle at an Auction?

The Buy Nows work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you place your interest on a buy now item, you would have to submit your payment via bank wire transfer, cashier’s check or a money order asap. Once we receive your payment, we would attempt buying that vehicle out as long as it is still available for purchase at the online auction. More details : How it works “Buy Now Vehicle” option? Read more