Do you accept debit cards? Does the deposit process for a debit work the same as a credit card?

Yes, we do accept debit cards. However, they do work a bit longer than credit cards. Banks tend to hold the funds and process refunds slower than credit cards. Related: Do you accept credit cards? Read more

Will my bidding deposit be placed on another vehicle if did not win, or it will be refunded?

You can keep reusing your deposit on any vehicle for up-to 5 days. If we do not charge the credit card within 5 days, your funds will automatically be refunded back to you as long as you don’t have any active bids. Related: Credit Card Hold FAQ Read more

How many business days to pickup a vehicle?

Days to pick up varies by the auction. It’s usually anywhere from 2 – 5 business days. Storage fees also vary by auction starting at $20 – $50/day. You have 2 business days to make a full payment on the vehicle. Depending on the auction, the relist will happen anywhere from 3-10 days from the day of purchase. Please keep in mind, the deposit will be kept as relisting fees will apply. Related: How much is the security deposit? Read more