What does Self-Load unit mean?

Self-load means the pick up facility will not be able to assist you in loading this vehicle onto your carrier. You would have to load this vehicle yourself or hire third-party loader to assist. Read more

RideSafely’s bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?

If a customer has the highest ACTIVE bid at the end of the RideSafely.com end of bidding time, we automatically notify him via e-mail and update his account on RideSafely.com. It is the customer’s responsibility to check his e-mail and bid status by selecting the `My Account` menu and then the `My Bids` option.

If the customer never activated a ‘Pending Bid’, it`s not considered to be the highest and won`t be presented at the auction. To activate a bid the customer must submit a security deposit of $400.00 or 10% of the bid amount (whichever is greater). Up until the RideSafely.com bidding closes, we notify customers via email when they have been outbid, or if they need to activate their bid. We also recommend customers to regularly check their bid status in the “My Bids” page before the bidding ends.

Next, one of our affiliated dealers, on your behalf, bids at the Insurance Auction (closed to the general public). If the bid is accepted by the Insurance Auction, our authorized affiliate dealer acquires the vehicle for the customer.

What does the bid amount include?

The bid amount on RideSafely.com covers the price of the vehicle at the auction. Auction fees, RideSafely fees, loading fees, documentation fees, transportation costs, etc are not included in the bid amount, and are added on top of it.

  • These additional fees vary from item to item, depending on the price of the vehicle, auction type and location.
  • This type of pricing is called “all-in” pricing.
  • RideSafely allows “all-in” pricing as a benefit to you, the customer.
  • “All-in” pricing simplifies and builds transparency into the buying process.
  • It allows you to be fully aware, from the very beginning, of how much you will spend.
No surprise fees and costs afterwards.

(Please note: RideSafely does charge a $85 documentation fee, which is not included in the offer price.)

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