Can I attend and bid during the live auction?

Live broadcast is not available for all auctions. If it is available on the item you are looking at, yes, you can participate in the live auction yourself via live auction broadcast. You cannot physically attend a live auction as you would have to be a registered dealer with that particular auction. Read more

Can I participate in the auction without a preliminary bid?

Yes. Some auctions are available for live bidding. If you see an item which has a green Live auction broadcast icon, you can participate in the live auction yourself. Please make sure you have sufficient deposit available on your to bid up to your maximum bid. Read more

What is Preliminary Bidding? Auction Types

Preliminary bidding means bidding before the actual auction takes place. This is where will collect the highest bidder and then present that offer at the actual live auction.

Keep in mind, we will bid in the smallest possible increments up to your max bid (if necessary) to try to get the best price for you at the vehicle auction. Read more