What does “CA CLEAR – DEALER ONLY $178 DMV FEES” mean?

To you as a customer it means you will be receiving a clean title. There may be DMV fees of $178 that you would have to pay before being able to register the vehicle. Read more

If storage fees are incurred, how do those fees get paid?

If you run into storage fees, you can call us and we’ll take your payment over the phone and in return pay the auction on your behalf. Some auction location accept payment via credit card or a money order directly at yard. Read more

How will I be able to pay from Ghana?

Acceptable form of payment from Ghana is a bank wire transfer. Once you are ready to bid or have an open invoice (purchase), banking information would be provided to you to send a bank transfer. Related: Do you accept credit cards? Read more

Do I have pay a tax when I buy a car from you?

Only Florida Resident will pay sales tax through us. Rest of customers will pay sales tax when they register the vehicle in their state. Read more

How soon does one need to pay the seller once the bidding process has been completed?

You would have 2 business days to submit a full payment once we post the invoice for you. Read more