Can I have my deposit refunded before the 5 days?

Yes you can. Please submit a refund request online and the system should be processing it within 24 hrs. Feel free to call us to request it by phone: (215) 289-0300. Read more

If storage fees are incurred, how do those fees get paid?

If you run into storage fees, you can call us and we’ll take your payment over the phone and in return pay the auction on your behalf. Some auction location accept payment via credit card or a money order directly at yard. Read more

I was trying to bid on a car but it say I have to contact customer service why please?

There could be several reasons why we would ask you to contact us first.

  1. There maybe a potential title issue (parts only, unable to register in your state, etc) – we might want to discuss that with your before you bid.
  2. It could be a heavy duty item and we would need to confirm with your prior to your bid that you will be able to transport it.

Without looking at the item you are trying to bid on, it’s hard to answer. Please feel free to contact us at 215-289-0300 so that we can take a look at that particular vehicle inventory item for you.

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