Does bidding work like Ebay? Meaning, if I bid my max amount initially it will only increment the bid to the amount necessary to hold the winning bid, or does the full amount of my bid become the highest bid?

We bid in smallest possible increments up to your maximum bid if necessary. Read more

Can one have an account in RideSafely where I can put my money and paid for the vehicle won from the auction

Yes. You can send money ahead of time and the funds would be placed on your account which you can use to bid or pay for the won vehicles. Read more

Can I buy a salvage car using Stock or VIN number?

Yes. You should be able to search by either of those using our main search bar on the top of the page. If you still cannot locate the item you are looking for, please contact customer service at (215) 289-0300 and we will either find it for you or add it to our site. Read more