Why you are not tell us about Sale Status (minimum, on approval, or pure sale) like Copart?

Unfortunately, half of the time we do not know if there is a reserve on a particular vehicle. If you ever have a questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (215) 289-0300 and we can try to find out what the auction is looking to get for that particular vehicle. Read more

If I purchased the car in Canada, what taxes and fees am I responsible for?

Customers who purchase a vehicle in Canada MUST pay taxes. If delivery takes place in Ontario, then 13% HST will apply to the sale, regardless of where the customer lives. If delivery takes place outside of Ontario, the tax applicable to that province should be charged. But what does `delivery` mean? It`s based on where the customer takes possession of the vehicle. – If the customer picks the vehicle up in Ontario and drives it home, delivery takes place in Ontario – If the vehicle is shipped out-of-province with the customer`s name showing as the shipper on the bill of lading, delivery takes place in Ontario – If the vehicle is shipped out of province with the dealer`s name showing as the shipper on the bill of lading, then delivery takes place in the destination province. Out-of-province purchasers from non-HST provinces and territories will be able to apply for a refund of the 8% provincial portion of the HST from Canada Revenue Agency, once they have registered the vehicle in their home province and paid any applicable provincial taxes. Here`s a summary of tax rates in all Canadian jurisdictions. Delivered To Tax rate in % Nova Scotia 15% Newfoundland 13% New Brunswick 13% Ontario 13% British Columbia 12% Alberta 5% Manitoba 5% North West Territories 5% Nunavut 5% Prince Edward Island 5% Quebec 5% Saskatchewan 5% Yukon 5%

RideSafely’s bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?

If a customer has the highest ACTIVE bid at the end of the RideSafely.com end of bidding time, we automatically notify him via e-mail and update his account on RideSafely.com. It is the customer’s responsibility to check his e-mail and bid status by selecting the `My Account` menu and then the `My Bids` option.

If the customer never activated a ‘Pending Bid’, it`s not considered to be the highest and won`t be presented at the auction. To activate a bid the customer must submit a security deposit of $400.00 or 10% of the bid amount (whichever is greater). Up until the RideSafely.com bidding closes, we notify customers via email when they have been outbid, or if they need to activate their bid. We also recommend customers to regularly check their bid status in the “My Bids” page before the bidding ends.

Next, one of our affiliated dealers, on your behalf, bids at the Insurance Auction (closed to the general public). If the bid is accepted by the Insurance Auction, our authorized affiliate dealer acquires the vehicle for the customer.