How do I know when the live auction starts?

If live auction is available on that particular item, the system will let you know the exact time the auction would start and when your item will be up for bidding. Typically live auctions are set to start 30 minutes after it closes on our site. Read more

How to delete a bid?

Please keep in mind, all bids are binding. If you need to delete a bid, you must contact customer at (215) 289-0300 and a representative would be able to assist you and finding out if there is still time to delete or the item is already going through the auction. Read more

If I have created a “watchlist” of several vehicles that will all be auctioned “live” during the same time period; how do I know when each saved vehicle will come up for open live bidding and not miss bidding on any of the vehicles? Can I get the run numbers ahead of the actual start time?

Run numbers are only available at auction start time. Sorry, but unless you actually open each item during live auction you will not know it. If you wish to bid on multiple items, you should do a pre-bid style bid. Please keep in mind, if it sells for less, you get it for less. Read more

Time allowed to pickup the vehicle?

Allowed pick up times vary by auction. Anywhere from 1-5 days. If you have a particular item in mind, feel free to contact us at (215) 289-0300 for more information on pick up on that item. Read more

I won a 2008 Corvette, but I still haven’t gotten the title for a car I bought

Hi! I won a 2008 Corvette but I still haven’t gotten my title, it’s been 6 weeks. I was thinking of buying more cars but without a title I can’t let me know if this is a standard time frame on titles and how much longer am i to wait? thank you
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