Non Repairable/Kills. What’s that about?

Non repairable/kills vin means this vehicle will be a parts only item. It cannot be registered as VIN number is no longer active. Read more

How can I find out which options are on a vehicle? Will a CarFax give me that info?

No. Carfax will not give you what options are available. You can try google or
If you need more details, you can try contacting that dealership and give them the VIN number. The original dealership should be able to tell you what options are on that particular vehicle. Read more

How can I obtain a key for the vehicle?

We suggest the following three ways to obtain a key for your vehicle:

  1. From VIN. Contact a local authorized dealer (for your vehicle make) and inquire if a key can be made from the VIN
  2. From Ignition Code. If the local authorized dealer cannot make a key from the VIN, then ask if a key can be made from the code engraved on the ignition. This would require removal of the ignition in order to view the code.
  3. From Ignition. Take your vehicle’s ignition to a locksmith, who will be able to make a key specific to the ignition. This usually costs under $100.

Read more

Why is the posted VIN number incomplete?

Some Insurance Auctions provide only the first 11 digits of the VIN for decoding purposes. The winner will receive the complete VIN.