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Have you ever considered buying a salvage car? Many people searching the market for an affordable car aren’t aware of all the available options. One of the lesser-known options is to purchase a salvage car: a car that has a salvage title. Read more

Used & Salvage Ford F250 for Sale at RideSafely Auto Auctions

The F-250 is a part of Ford’s Super Duty line of full-size pickup trucks which was first introduced in 1998. Over the years it has won many prestigious awards, such as the Popular Mechanics’ Best Workhorse, the Truckin’s Topline Pulling Power and the Best Resale Value Truck. Ford F-250 comes in three different cab sizes including the Standard, the Crew Cab and the SuperCab which features 2 reverse-opening doors. The list of options includes choices of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Read more

Search For Used & Salvage Honda Accord at Online Auto Auction

The Accord was introduced as a compact car by Honda in 1976. The fourth generation of the Accord evolved into a mid-size car in 1990, while further evolution upgraded it to a full-size car in 2008. It is one of the most successful automobiles ever sold on the North American market, which can easily be reflected by the fact that it has been featured 26 times on the Car and Driver’s Ten Best list.

Honda Accord has also won numerous Car of the Year awards in various countries around the world. The Accord is commonly available in the hatchback, sedan, coupe or station wagon, depending on the generation. It comes strictly in the front-wheel drive layout.

A vast range of engine options included different versions of straight four-cylinder and V6 engines which were mated to various manual or automatic transmissions. For a few years, Honda has also offered the Accord as a Hybrid as well. The Accord’s highest selling points include spacious interior, good value for money, sporty handling, smooth engines, plenty of luxurious options, top notch fit and finish quality and traditional reliability.

Even though the Accord was always offered with an unimaginable amount of trim levels of options, the moderately priced EX trim level remains the bestselling one. The potential buyers of pre-owned vehicles are usually after the 2008 model year, which belongs to the latest generation of the Accord.

Such used accord or salvage vehicles can usually be purchased from the auction for $500 to $9,000, depending on the condition. Silver, black and gray remain the most sought after color options when Accords are concerned.

Potential owners commonly compare the Accord to the Volkswagen Passat, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu and Mazda 6 Sports Sedan, especially when it comes to its somewhat dull styling.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Accord with an overall “good” rating for both side impact and frontal offset crash tests.


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The Accord’s highest selling points include spacious interior, good value for money, sporty handling…

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