What does it mean when a title says Salvage Certificate?

Depending on the state, the car will be issued a “Salvage Title” or a “Salvage Certificate” that lets any future buyers know that an insurance company has deemed the car a “salvaged vehicle”. A certificate is different than a title. Read more

How do I know the price the car is going for?

We can give you the estimated sale price on the item and it will also come up as you place your bid as well. If you provide us with the inventory number we can give you estimated sale price. Read more

Salvage title due to theft and biohazard—is it possible to find out details of the damage and whether someone died?

What we suggest for you to do is a Carfax or AutoCheck on the item to see if you are able to pull up the history on the item. Please read the following information we have on Biohazard which we think you might find helpful. Read more

When you make a bid and you make a deposit do you get your refund back if you do not get the car?

Yes. If the item is not purchased you will have the option to request a refund. Learn more about our Credit Card Hold FAQ Read more

Say must be rebuilt in NY. Does that mean after I rebuild vehicle I must send the info to NY to get a rebuilt title? I live in AZ can I rebuild and have inspected in AZ have no plans to be in NY.

Some states may accept the certificate without you having to go to New York. Please contact your DMV and they will be able to advise you on whether they can accept it or not. Read more