Can I buy an Insurance Auction item right away, without sending an offer?

Some vehicles are available to be bought for a set price. Those vehicles are marked with “BUY NOW” option. Other vehicles sold via Insurance Auction go through a bidding process and are awarded to the party with the highest bid. Please note that most vehicles displayed on our website are on Insurance Auction premises and can be purchased by licensed and registered buyers only. We are licensed and registered at every auction and can present your offers and purchase vehicles from the Insurance Auctions on your behalf.

Can you notify me when a particular item becomes available?

Unfortunately, with such a dynamic and continually evolving inventory of vehicles, we are unable to alert customers of a specifically requested vehicle’s availability. Instead, we do make it simple for you to filter vehicles by Listing Type, Region, Make, Model, Year, etc. By regularly checking the website, you are certain to find the vehicle you desire. Read more

What does the bid amount include?

The bid amount on covers the price of the vehicle at the auction. Auction fees, RideSafely fees, loading fees, documentation fees, transportation costs, etc are not included in the bid amount, and are added on top of it.

  • These additional fees vary from item to item, depending on the price of the vehicle, auction type and location.
  • This type of pricing is called “all-in” pricing.
  • RideSafely allows “all-in” pricing as a benefit to you, the customer.
  • “All-in” pricing simplifies and builds transparency into the buying process.
  • It allows you to be fully aware, from the very beginning, of how much you will spend.
No surprise fees and costs afterwards.

(Please note: RideSafely does charge a $85 documentation fee, which is not included in the offer price.)

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Can I drive a salvage vehicle home?

No. A salvage vehicle can NOT be driven legally on the roads until it is “reconstructed”. Typically, the vehicle needs to be towed to your designated location. Then the vehicle undergoes the “reconstruction” process as per your state’s guidelines. Finally, once the “reconstruction” process is complete, you can register and insure the vehicle to be driven on the roads.

When can I pick up the vehicle?

You can arrange for pick-up/shipping as soon as you receive notification from us that the vehicle is ready for pickup. Please do not attempt vehicle pick-up without such notification. Also note, that the vehicle can not be released to you if your paperwork is missing / not approved, or if you have an outstanding balance.