After I win a car, I’d like to go and pick it up myself. So my question is next, do I get like a temporary licence plate or something?

Yes, you can pick up the vehicle yourself, however, most of the vehicles we sell are salvage vehicles. It is illegal to drive a salvage vehicle on the road anywhere. If you plan to pick the vehicle us yourself, we highly suggest you rent something you can tow the vehicle with. Read more

Is this auction available to the public? Can i bid and purchase vehicle or do i need a licence to bid?

Yes, all auctions are available to public on our auction website. All you need is a valid driver’s license.

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What does “Cannot bid on item due to licensing restrictions” mean exactly?

It could mean different things based on your registration type and/or title type you are trying to bid on. For more details, please contact our office at (215) 289-0300. Read more

What does Title: DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY mean?

“DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY” – This explains what type of dealer license WE have to have in order to bid on this vehicle. Doesn’t make any difference to our customer. Read more