How many auction sites do you have and where are they located for pick up?

We access to hundreds of auctions across the US. Each vehicle’s location, City, State, and Zip, are provided on every vehicle page. To search for certain items please go to You will be able to register for free and search for the item of your choice. Read more

If I bid on a vehicle on auction then found one on this same auction site with a buy it now price I would rather have can I cancel the bid to buy the other one?

You may cancel the bid provided that the vehicle has not gone through auction yet. Read more

What does it mean “MD Salvage greater than 75%”?

Every State has its own terminology for vehicle titles. The State of Maryland has 2 different salvage titles, >50% and >75%. Regardless, both types are deemed salvage titles with regard to inspections for a rebuilt title in the US; and can be used to export the vehicle. Read more

I purchased a salvage RV popup trailer. I repaired myself. How do I obtain a new title in Texas?

Since every State, and sometimes even County, has its own requirements, you would need to contact your local DMV for steps necessary to obtain a title. Read more

May a clear title be purchase on RV if its rebuild complete from a destruction title?

If a vehicle has ever had a Junk, Non-Repairable, Certificate of Destruction, or similar branding in its history, you will not be able to get a Clean Title for it. Some States do remove the junk branding on titles, but only if the vehicles are kept within their State. You would have to contact your local DMV to confirm. Read more