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Used Autos Can Offer an Excellent Deal for Any Car Buyer

A car may be an essential for modern life, but it can also be a source of enjoyment and luxury. There’s no denying the thrill of driving a new auto off the lot, with the smell of the fresh interior set to the purr of a finely tuned engine, but this pleasure comes at an expense. A brand new car is a pricey proposition, and it’s an unfortunate fact that it will lose up to a third of its resale value the second you drive it away.

However, a factory-fresh auto isn’t the only option if you’re in the market for a new vehicle. Used cars today can be of a very high quality, and are an option well worth your consideration. Here are some points to bear in mind if you’re thinking of going down this route.


The Cost Advantage

As previously mentioned, you pay a huge premium for a new car, and this difference in cost is the most basic and compelling reason to consider the second-hand market. A used auto, only a year or two old and in perfect condition, can be several thousand dollars cheaper than the equivalent new model, without any noticeable reduction in condition or quality. However, be wary of discounts offered in exchange for using a dealer’s finance facility: these offers tend not to be good value compared to a bank loan or other form of personal finance.

Limited Choice

Unfortunately, one major drawback of the used auto market is that your choice of vehicle is somewhat limited. With a brand-new car, you can customise various aspects from color to engine size, audio features to transmission type, but buying a used auto will likely mean compromising on your choice of features rather than specifying them in detail: after all, you can only purchase a model that your local dealers have in their inventories.

Investigate the Warranty

Although used car sales still suffer from something of a reputation problem in some quarters, the days of risking being ‘sold a lemon’ are thankfully over. Federal and state laws ensure a minimum standard of vehicle and it is now commonplace for a comprehensive warranty to be offered on used cars. While there’s no getting away from the fact that an older car is always more likely to need repairs, making sure a solid, lengthy warranty is included in the deal will help give you peace of mind.

Consider Auctions as a Buying Option

Used car auctions can be source of extremely good bargains, as they tend to feature repossessed vehicles which financial companies are happy to unload at a high discount. However, even though some excellent deals can be found, there is usually a trade-off in terms of a less comprehensive warranty. Auctions present an element of ‘buyer beware’, but if you have some mechanical knowledge or are on good terms with a local garage, the risk can be worth taking. Otherwise, a reputable dealer may be the better long-term option.


Aside from property, a car is one of the most significant purchases most people will ever make. There’s a cachet to buying new, along with an undoubted sense of luxury, but buying used often makes a lot more financial sense.


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Used car auctions can be source of extremely good bargains, as they tend to feature repossessed vehicles…

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