Do I Need a Business License or Requirements?

You do not need to have any dealer licenses to purchase vehicles through – our services are available to the general public. We hold all of the necessary licenses and memberships to participate in the auctions nationwide on your behalf. Read more

Can I buy cars with an IAA Account?

When bidding on vehicle being sold through IAA, you would be using our service and our buyer account. You will not be receiving your own IAA buyer/bidder number and you will not be able to bid at IAA directly. Read more

Definition of Mechanical Damage and what it covers?

“Mechanical Damage” can mean that there is something inherently wrong with the vehicle, or it could simply mean that there is nothing really wrong with the vehicle, but since the vehicle is more than 10 years old, the auction needed to put a reason for the sale. Read more

Current Bid: PRELIMINARY BID does it sell for this amount or does it come back for another auction?

The “PRELIMINARY BID” is the bid you place on our website and should be the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle. We then take your preliminary bid to the auction where we compete against other dealers that may want to purchase the same vehicle.

Please note that we bid incrementally up to your maximum bid, we do not bid your maximum bid right away. If the winning bid is less than your maximum bid and the seller accepts your winning bid, then you get the vehicle for the winning bid amount.

Also, please note that if the winning bid is below your maximum bid and the seller has a reserve price on the vehicle, by entering the maximum bid, you give us permission to negotiate for the vehicle on your behalf up to and including your maximum bid. Read more

What is the meaning of Sold on Approval?

Sold on approval means that this item already went though an auction but there is a reserve and the seller needs to approve it or counter with the reserve. Read more