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Making sure you have all the information about the vehicle is a really important part of the process. Whatever question you may have about the vehicle itself are answered below.

  1. What does Biohazard mean on a car auctions?
  2. Is there a service for an Inspection by 3rd party prior to live auction?
  3. Do salvage cars have to have a reconstruction inspection?
  4. If a vehicle is listed as clear title can it be driven if it is listed as it runs and drives?
  5. What happens if there is damage to the car when I pick it up that wasn’t in the pictures, i.e., the pictures clearly show it wasn’t there?
  6. What does MD SALVAGE – GREATER THAN 75% REPAIRABLE mean can I go ahead and bid for this cat?
  7. Can mechanical damage be related to engine issue?
  8. Can I purchase a vehicle in my own state?
  9. Are all vehicles salvage at these auctions?
  10. What does Biohazard/Chemical/Environment mean on a car auction?
  11. How does someone find out if a motorcycle has a salvage title?
  12. If I win a bid on buy now and it’s another state can I go get the vehicle and drive it back to my home state?
  13. What does stationary mean under vehicle auction verification?
  14. How do I get someone to look at the damage for me?
  15. In the “Auction Verification” column, what does “Not Specified” mean?
  16. Can I drive a clean designated vehicle home from its storage location?
  17. Can a salvage vehicle be repaired and get a title?
  18. Can a salvage vehicle be repaired and put back on the road?
  19. What does it mean when car says 38,000 miles then after it says NOT ACTUAL?
  20. The motorcycle has water flood damage, but are they working properly or I’ll have to fix it up?
  21. What does it mean CT CLEAR UNKSLVG HISTORY?
  22. A clean title means non salvaged and what are the fees on buying it now?
  23. Salvage title due to theft and biohazard—is it possible to find out details of the damage and whether someone died?
  24. What does it mean “MD Salvage greater than 75%”?
  25. Definition of Mechanical Damage and what it covers?
  26. What does “not to be sold in the US” mean? Actually why is the better question
  27. Can I drive a vehicle home if it is listed as a repossessed vehicle?
  28. How do buyers inspect vehicles?
  29. How can we find out why a vehicle has a Salvage Title?
  30. What is Damage Type: Repossession and Loss Type: Other on a vehicles description?
  31. How do I know if a car Runs and Drives for sure?
  32. Biohazard – Would these vehicles have a standard salvage title?
  33. Non Repairable/Kills. What’s that about?
  34. Are the vehicles on this website that only have a dent/scratch going for $1,000 or $2,000 dollars really in good condition to purchase? Clean title included?
  36. Do I have to put a deposit on a Buy It Now vehicle?
  37. Engine starts, does this mean the car starts but cannot drive?
  38. Is there a way that I can get a list of vehicles up for auction close to me? I live in Southeast Missouri.
  39. I live in Angola, I would like to know if you guys a have service that can assist inspecting the Car on behalf of the buyer before the car can be actually paid.
  40. Is there a way to get a description of the options on the vehicle?
  41. When i buy a car that says “Damage type: Water Flood”, does it mean that i can not fix it? Do most of the customers that get those kind of cars are able to fix them or they just use them for Parts?
  42. I need fuel: petrol engine type. What does gasoline engine mean?
  43. How to find a IAAI vehicle on your website? IE. converting their number to yours?
  44. How can I bid on Insurance company cars only. I don’t want to buy a car that someone bought from the insurance company and then re-sells it at auction.
  45. What does Salvage/Rebuildable title mean?
  46. What does it mean “Nevada Salvage Title”?
  47. What does it means Auction Verification – “not specified”?
  48. How can I find out which options are on a vehicle? Will a CarFax give me that info?
  49. How can I inspect the vehicle before i bid it?
  50. Can I pick up the clean title car and go driving?
  51. Due to licensing restrictions you cannot bid on this item – Why?
  52. Sometimes I find prices like 1000 usd in green what it mean?
  53. Can I inspect the vehicle?
  54. What does it mean “Not actual miles”? Do I need additional paperwork?
  55. Where to inspect car in Albany NY?
  56. What does it mean “Certificate of Destruction”?
  57. Do you not carry all IAAI auctions?
  58. How do you find out what cars have sold for in the past?
  59. Can I see the Motorhome at an Auction before bidding on it?
  60. I can’t buy in Texas motorcycle riding, what can I do?
  61. Can a salvaged car be fixed before shipping? If yes, what are the procedures for that?
  62. How can I see the extent of damage that was repaired?
  63. What does Title: DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY mean?
  64. What does it mean the damage type Water/Flood?
  65. How it works “Buy Now Vehicle” option?
  66. Where are the vehicle listings for the Mountain States?
  67. Can you notify me when a particular item becomes available?
  68. I received my vehicle from the shipping company and there is more damage than displayed in the original pictures. What can I do?
  69. What does Auction Verification: Runs & Drives, or Engine Start mean?
  70. What is the Reconstruction process?
  71. Can you tell me how much it would cost to repair a vehicle?
  72. I received my vehicle and there are additional damages, undercarriage and other latent defects not visible in the pictures. What can I do?
  73. Why is the posted VIN number incomplete?
  74. Does the vehicle start?
  75. There is no damage report listed. What are the damages on an Insurance Auction item?
  76. How did the damage occur? How long has the vehicle been in its condition? Have any repairs been done?
  77. Are loose parts displayed in the pictures included in the sale?

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