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Our auction interface is simple and easy to use, but if there are any lingering questions regarding the process, find your answers below.

  1. Can I purchase an item directly from an Insurance Auction without submitting an offer?
  2. How can I watch a live auction?
  3. If the car sells for less than my proxy bid, is that what I would pay?
  4. What is the vehicle reconstruction process?
  5. How do I bid using the Live Broadcasts option?
  6. How long after pre-bidding ends does the actual auction take place?
  7. Why would my bid be outbid after the close of bidding?
  8. How do I start getting ready to bid?
  9. How long does the seller have to reject a bid?
  10. Can I buy a vehicle outside of the auction for a ‘Buy It Now’ price, or do I have to bid?
  11. How do I retract a bid?
  12. How does your process work, if I see a car that is being sold by Copart, can I bid on the car during Copart’s live auction?
  13. How do I find out if a car has a reserve?
  14. Why would a bid be rejected in a car auction?
  15. How long does each live auction last?
  16. Is this a true proxy bid system or do I have to keep hitting the bid button once the vehicle is up live?
  17. Can I bid beyond my desired bid limit as the auction is in progress?
  18. Does the highest bidder always get the car or is up to a seller or is there a minimum bid?
  19. Does the highest bidder win?
  20. Number of bids at one time allowed?
  21. How long do I have to wait to find out if I bought the car?
  22. How does proxy bidding work?
  23. How to buy vehicle after bid how to take part in live auction?
  24. Do you notify by email if final bid is accepted?
  25. If I bid a price of 100$ and no one else bids do I get it for 100 or does it have to get owed from seller?
  26. How long do live auctions last?
  27. If a car doesn’t sell in auction can you still buy it?
  28. What is a non-public title? Assume I cannot bid unless I have a dealer license?
  29. What happens when a vehicle does not receive a bid?
  30. What is the process once I win the bid?
  31. How long do I have to make final bid if I winning bid?
  32. If I purchase a Buy Now vehicle that cannot be registered in the US, how long before I can go pick it up after I purchase it and what are all the fees and taxes associated with the $700 Dodge ram?
  33. Does the customer bid or the affiliated dealer?
  34. How can i know that i am the highest bidder?
  35. Once the auction starts how long till it closes, how long do I need before I know if I won the bid or not?
  36. Do all cars have a hidden reserve? Given that it’s not an absolute auction, I might be the highest bidder and still not win.
  37. Diff between Bid and Buy now. If there’s a buy it now price does a high bid win even if it doesn’t meet the buy it now price. In other words, is there a reserve price.
  38. If I bid on a vehicle on auction then found one on this same auction site with a buy it now price I would rather have can I cancel the bid to buy the other one?
  39. When is the auction after preliminary bidding has closed?
  40. Current Bid: PRELIMINARY BID does it sell for this amount or does it come back for another auction?
  41. What is the meaning of Sold on Approval?
  42. How long does registration take before I can bid on an auction, and can I register with RideSafely on Monday and bid the same or next day?
  43. Why does every auction I want to bid in asks me to contact customer service?
  44. How long will it take for my bid to be approved?
  45. Does bidding work like Ebay? Meaning, if I bid my max amount initially it will only increment the bid to the amount necessary to hold the winning bid, or does the full amount of my bid become the highest bid?
  46. How it works Bidding on multiple items at the same time?
  47. Where does one go to view/listen/watch/observe/partake of the live auction?
  48. Buy it now auctions. Does the highest bidder get the car or is the buy it now price the lowest you accept?
  49. Do I need auction account in order to buy a Buy Now vehicle ?
  50. How to qualify to bid and purchase?
  51. If i choose to purchase a Buy Now vehicle do i still have to pay a auction fee? What are all the relevant fees when purchasing a buy now vehicle?
  52. I was notified my bid was not approved. I was the highest bidder, why did I not get the car?
  53. I was notified I had the high bid on a vehicle which is now on “Awaiting Results”. Can you tell me how long it will be before I can proceed with the purchase?
  54. I was going to buy an 07 dodge charger that was listed “Buy it Now” for $425. Now it says its up for bid. May I still purchase the vehicle for that price?
  55. How can i bid on an auction that already started?
  56. Can I attend and bid during the live auction?
  57. How do I know when the live auction starts?
  58. I placed a bidding limit on a vehicle. Is this hold going to be released at the end of the auction for the particular car or it will be held for other possible cars?
  59. I put in that I wanted a bid limit of $400 and covered that would my card. When I looked back on the site it said my bid limit was $4000. I not sure how it works but I do not want to pay $4000 for a truck work only $400 to me.
  60. Reserve – how do i know if vehicle has a reserve price?
  61. How soon after a deposits made can I bid?
  62. I just placed a BID on a live Auction. I was supposed to be the winner (Your site said “Your BID” with green – that means my bid was the first one). However, when the auction completed with my last price, I did not win the car. Can you please explain why?
  63. How long after online bidding ends does total bidding end and award of truk to bidder occurs?
  64. How to bid on Multiple items?
  65. Can I participate in the auction without a preliminary bid?
  66. If i have the highest bid at the end and there’s no live bidding, do i automatically win?
  67. Preliminary bid and closed bid is the last price on bidding or is there more bidding?
  68. Does “Buy Now Price” means the vehicle is all mine if i can pay for it?
  69. RideSafely.com charges a flat fee of $299 for all vehicles over $1,000. QUESTION: Is there a fee for vehicles under $1000?
  70. If storage fees are incurred, how do those fees get paid?
  71. What extra fees do you pay for a “Buy Now” vehicle?
  72. Can you bid under the Buy it Now price? and win the Auction?
  73. What percentage does ridesafely charge above the BUY NOW price listed?
  74. Do you need a dealership license to buy cars with you guys? What are the total fees for using your service?
  75. Do I have to be an IAAI member for you to bid on a vehicle for me?
  76. Does winning a bid on this site mean I’ve actually won the vehicle, or do you take our highest bid to the auction to “see” if it wins?
  77. How do i know which car I’m bidding on will sale for the auction price and not have a reserve on it?
  78. Can you retract a bid?
  79. Can an Auction be cancelled if the Final Bid is low?
  80. Do the cars have a reserve bid?
  81. How to increase Bid amount available?
  82. I have a question on “Dealer Only” Sales. Can RideSafely purchase a vehicle with a dealer only listing?
  83. What does “Cannot bid on item due to licensing restrictions” mean exactly?
  84. Is it possible to bid on all (BUY NOW) vehicles?
  85. Does my bid limit include fees.. or can they be added after lot is won?
  86. What happens to my deposit if i can’t make highest bid?
  87. If vehicle is Sold at Less than my Higher Bid do I pay the Lower amount?
  88. How do I purchase a Buy Now Vehicle at an Auction?
  89. How do I Place Bids Online at an Auction?
  90. I want to know if this price including all fee, or I have to pay any extra fee?
  91. How do I know if I won the bid?
  92. Bidding limit – How do I establish it?
  93. Do I need to form a company to buy vehicles on RideSafely?
  94. Due to licensing restrictions – you cannot bid on this vehicle: Why?
  95. How does the ‘Buy Now’ option for vehicles work?
  96. How to increase my bidding limit on a particular vehicle?
  97. What happens to deposit when no bids were won on that day?
  98. I don’t see any purchase in my account while I was the last & the highest bidder?
  99. I was trying to bid on a car but it say I have to contact customer service why please?
  100. What is Preliminary Bidding? Auction Types
  101. How long does it take to get the results to a auction?
  102. Can you place a bid at the Dallas IAAI auction for me?
  103. I want to increase bidding limit, What steps are involved?
  104. What is an auction pre-bid price?
  105. Why does it say my bid limit is 0?
  106. Do I have to be dealer in order to buy car from this auction?
  107. When will I be notified of the results from the Insurance Auction?
  108. Why did I receive notice after RideSafely’s bidding ended that my bid is no longer the highest?
  109. How does RideSafely’s process work for Copart, IAA, and other auctions?
  110. Why was the RideSafely bidding deadline extended?
  111. RideSafely’s bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?
  112. Can I visit your facility and purchase a vehicle directly on-site?
  113. What does the bid amount include?
  114. Do I need to agree to the terms of the Deposit Agreement and Purchase Order Agreement before submitting my offer?
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