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From transaction times to international transfers, all of your questions regarding payment are answered below.

  1. If I make a deposit and someone outbids me how and when would I get my deposit back?
  2. Why do I have to pay an Auction Fee and RideSafely fee?
  3. Forms of payment do you accept payment with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?
  4. It’s been awhile forgot all fees, what are all fees on a 300.00 item, 500.00 item and 700.00 item?
  5. What are the Copart fees if I win a bid thru RideSafely?
  6. What’s happens if i don’t buy a car what happens to my money?
  7. Is there a preauthorization hold for every time I bid?
  8. I was told to pay 400 dollars for the car. What if I don’t win a bid. How do I get my money back?
  9. Do you accept debit or visa card?
  10. When you make a bid and you make a deposit do you get your refund back if you do not get the car?
  11. If I win bid, how long do I have to pay the remaining balance?
  12. What costs are associated with winning an auctioned vehicle, beside actual bid?
  13. Where do I send money order?
  14. Can I pay full amount with my debit card if I win an auction?
  15. Are all fees included in Buy it Now price?
  16. Why do I have to submit a credit card to increase a bid on a car I already bid on?
  17. Can one have an account in RideSafely where I can put my money and paid for the vehicle won from the auction
  18. Can I pay for the hold with my debit card or via PayPal as my credit card isn’t working?
  19. Can a person use a prepaid card for deposit?
  20. I am an international customer, can I send the estimated total payment for the proposed vehicle inclusive of the security deposit and fees before I actually buy the vehicle in the case of buy now?
  21. Deposit – how does it work when I am not the auction winner? Is it refundable back to credit card account in full amount?
  22. After I sending my wire transfer, how do I confirm it was received?
  23. Can I make my final payment with credit card and secondly do you finance?
  24. Can I take a cashier’s check to Chase bank for full payment
  25. I bid on a truck, how do I give the deposit just in case I win the bid?
  26. After my purchase do i need to pay any fee such as Auction fee?
  27. Where do i go to pay cash for my vehicle?
  28. RideSafely is Requiring a $600 bid deposit. Do I get this back if I do not win the auction, or I just want it returned?
  29. If I’m in California and get a car from Texas, can I pay cash in California location?
  30. How does a person who doesn’t live in the USA make payment for car. Do you accept Visa or Master cards?
  31. Why can’t I use my debit card to pay the required deposit?
  32. When winning an auction can you finance or do payments on how much is owed?
  33. If I win a bid with $200 do I get balance on $400 I used for the bid?
  34. Can I have my deposit refunded before the 5 days?
  35. How do I get a Wire Transfer refund?
  36. If I bid on a vehicle and do not win, does the $600 deposit refundable? Are there any charges per bid ie: Do you charge an amount each time I bid even if I don’t win the vehicle
  37. Do you accept debit cards? Does the deposit process for a debit work the same as a credit card?
  38. Will my bidding deposit be placed on another vehicle if did not win, or it will be refunded?
  39. Will my deposit be taken off my final pill if I buy something or will the deposit be put back into my bank account?
  40. Credit Card Hold FAQ
  41. Wire transfer instructions?
  42. How to make the payment from Nigeria and ship it?
  43. How will I be able to pay from Ghana?
  44. If I make a deposit on a vehicle and lose the bid, what happens to my deposit?
  45. What are the methods of payment to be able to make an offer at auction?
  46. If I bid on a car and I don’t win the final bid will my card still be charged the deposit?
  47. How soon does one need to pay the seller once the bidding process has been completed?
  48. If we have a deposit and don’t buy can we get the money back?
  49. Are debit cards allowed to purchase Buy Now automobiles?
  50. Auto Auction Fees can be waived?
  51. Can I use my personal paypal account for auction for buy car?
  52. Do you have a flat fee or a percentage, and if it is a percentage of purchase price, what is it?
  53. Why there are no refund option in my account?
  54. I am from Nigeria, how can I make any payment to you by Naira
  55. Can I pay through my PayPal account?
  56. How to make a payment, I am from the UAE
  57. When is the maximum date to pay when you win bidding on car?
  58. Should I pay via Mastercard or Paypal, if I am a first time Buyer?
  59. Do deposited to bid get refunded or put towards total bill?
  60. Is it anybody can pay for my vehicle purchase in USA?
  61. Do you accept cash?
  62. How much is the security deposit?
  63. When will I receive my refund?
  64. I submitted payment in currency other than US Dollars. What currency will my refund be remitted?
  65. Security Deposit Refunds
  66. I sent in a full payment for the vehicle purchased for me by the licensed dealer, but my invoice with RideSafely still has an outstanding balance. Why?
  67. How do I pay for the car?
  68. Do you accept loan checks for the cars from your “Clean Vehicles” section?
  69. If I purchased the car in Canada, what taxes and fees am I responsible for?
  70. How much does your service cost?
  71. What is the RideSafely fee?
  72. I sent in the wire for the full amount, but my invoice reflects you having received a lesser amount. Why?
  73. Do you accept credit cards?

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