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  1. Where can I find the Watch List in my RideSafely account?
  2. Is the RideSafely Builder Showdown open to motorcycles?
  3. Why did the car I wanted leave the auction when there were 4 days left?
  4. How is it that a car which was sold at auction while I was watching is now back up for auction again?
  5. Is the auction open to the public?
  6. Can I list a car in the auction?
  7. How can I participate in the auction?
  8. What does ‘Dealer Only’ in the title mean?
  9. Is this site for the public or for car dealer businesses?
  10. I live in Illinois and would like to purchase from Austin, Texas. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
  11. If I don’t win the bid, do you still charge me your fee?
  12. Can I see and test drive the motorhome before the auction. Can an employee start/test drive it for me?
  13. Do y’all except scrapers licences?
  14. Can we ever look at an item to be auctioned in person, and are all items salvage? Some don’t look in bad shape, are some just used up for auction
  15. How do I see RV’s to buy now only in California?
  16. I have a dealer license do i have to pay deposit to register?
  17. Do you negotiate on Buy Now cars?
  18. How to look for a vehicle near me?
  19. How can I known the cars sold and the price of sold?
  20. Do you guarantee estimated salvage pre-sale price?
  21. If I buy a new one should I pay taxes?
  22. During auction what does “Bonus Time” mean?
  23. I am from New Delhi, India, what is the complete procedure and documents required to purchase a car from your website?
  24. Can I purchase a vehicle that is in California as a California resident?
  25. What time zone are auctions held in?
  26. How do I know the price the car is going for?
  27. How many auction sites do you have and where are they located for pick up?
  28. Do I Need a Business License or Requirements?
  29. Can I buy cars with an IAA Account?
  30. Do you provide access to both IAA and Copart auctions? Does my registration fee provide access to both?
  31. What is maximum total sale price?
  32. Do i need to register to able to bid or buy a car?
  33. How can I find out how much a truck sold for at auction?
  34. What happens to a car if it does not sale in auction?
  35. Can I buy a salvage car using Stock or VIN number?
  36. If i bid and i don’t win then how much money am i out?
  37. Will Ridesafely buy cars from individuals or companies?
  38. How can I register my account from UK?
  39. What are the fees that I need to pay if I want to cancel the purchased item?
  40. Do your offer membership plans where members can make Live Bids?
  41. Can anyone bid if it says Dealer Only?
  42. Why you are not tell us about Sale Status (minimum, on approval, or pure sale) like Copart?
  43. How long before I pick up my purchase?
  44. If I bid $200 and it says $4000 Buy it Now but no one bids higher than my $200. Do I win the auction for that price?
  45. My church may buy dozens of cars from settlement, (volume limits?)
  46. After the 4 days of free storage what would the cost be per day after that at the Houston Texas auction yard?
  47. Like to find out if there is Car Auctions with Clean Titles in the New Orleans LA area?
  48. I saw another Salvage Site that is required a dealer license to bid. Do you require this?
  49. Where is exactly located that Fee Calculator, because I cannot see it on the page?
  50. Can I contact the seller for more detail information on the vehicle I’m inretested in buying?
  51. How can a bidder from Nigeria open an account and make deposit?
  52. Can i buy a car and cut it in half as parts just one cut?
  53. I want to know how genuine are u and how will I know that my money is secure, are you guys better than auction export
  54. Is there a past list of sold vehicles to find out what they sold for?
  55. What happens if I win a vehicle at an auction but then change my mind and decide that I do not want it?
  56. How to delete a bid?
  57. Can i purchase without a licence? and how do i know what fees would be?
  58. Do i need a specific license to buy now or enter a bid on the auction ?
  59. Is this a public auction?
  60. How much it will cost to repair a hail damage at a Hyundai car? Can we pay this reparation at you or can you recommend somebody? My understanding is that I cannot registered a car with a salvage title for hail in MD (I am a student and just arrived here in US)
  61. Can I get an agent to assist me with bidding, purchasing and shipment to Nigeria?
  62. I want to buy a truck but do really understand how it works i know we can bid and also we can buy now but when bidding do i put a deposit down before i bid and if so do i get my deposit back if i don’t win bid?
  63. If I have created a “watchlist” of several vehicles that will all be auctioned “live” during the same time period; how do I know when each saved vehicle will come up for open live bidding and not miss bidding on any of the vehicles? Can I get the run numbers ahead of the actual start time?
  64. Inspection services? Other sites have them, Do you?
  65. Am trying set up an account but, am not sure what is the promotional code is or how it work?
  66. Do the auctions have no reserve?
  67. I’m not a dealer i just want to buy a vehicle from the auction
  68. How i can change my billing address?
  69. How are the fees calculated and what % are they?
  70. How do I cancel my bids / order?
  71. Dismantler, rebuilder, exporter or scrapper; car is listed on iaai as this. I’m in Michigan and car is in Illinois can i purchase this car through you and have its salvage title put in my name?
  72. How to find cars nearby my area Jacksonville, Florida?
  73. It won’t let me place my bids anywhere says contact customer service for further bidding instructions
  74. I was online to check the various cars you have in your garage and with bid prices, but to my surprise, i learnt all those prices are not real. why is it so?
  75. Why do some cars have Buy Now option and others don’t?
  76. Is this auction available to the public? Can I bid and purchase a vehicle, or do I need a license to bid?
  77. Do I have pay a tax when I buy a car from you?
  78. Is there an auction fee?
  79. What is my confirmation code?
  80. Time allowed to pickup the vehicle?
  81. I have an account and haven’t used it yet how do I activate and connect my paypal account to my ridesafely account?
  82. How do I set up an account on RideSafely.com?
  83. Do you offer a business membership to reduce the fee from $299?
  84. There’s a lot of online fraud, so can you tell me how secure RideSafely is?
  85. How do I change my name on my account?
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