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  1. Can anyone buy from the auction, or must they be a car dealer?
  2. Is there any membership cost for international buyers?
  3. Do I need a broker to purchase a car with you, and what is the annual purchase limit?
  4. Is the RideSafely German office closed?
  5. Is it possible for residents of Canada to make a purchase through RideSafely?
  6. What is the process for exporting a car from the United States?
  7. Do you have someone who can speak Spanish?
  8. Can I bid live if I don’t have a business license?
  9. As an ordinary citizen, can I bid on any car, and if so, what do I need to do to purchase it, and are the fees different?
  10. Can people outside the US buy cars and participate in auctions, or can only US residents born and raised in the US participate?
  11. Are you a dealer? Can I finance a vehicle from a bank to pay you as a dealer?
  12. I need to know, where can I get financing?
  13. I live in WV and I am looking at cars in PA and OH. Will I need a broker our dealers license to bid on these cars?
  14. How does this work when you purchase a vehicle that is in a different state than the buyer is located?
  15. If I don’t have a dealer license, can I still bid or buy a vehicle in an auction?
  16. Is there still auction available in Canada?
  17. Do you still have a representative in UAE?
  18. Do Ridesafely have selling outlets in every state in America?
  19. How am I supposed to find the locations to pick up the vehicle I purchase and phone numbers?
  20. What are the storage yard hour of operation and days of the week?
  21. Do you have lenders or banks that we can get pre-approved for the auction?
  22. Do you have someone who can speak Spanish?
  23. Can private out of state purchase?
  24. Can I buy a salvage car during my visit to the USA?
  25. The English version differs from the translated versions – Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc. Which is correct?
  26. What are your working hours?
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