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The auction process has its fair share of documentation required from all parties, but don’t worry yet. We have answered whatever question you may have regarding this step below.

  1. What does ‘NC Dealer Only Clean Title (P)’ mean?
  2. What does ‘CA Clear – Dealer Only, $178 DMV Fees’ mean?
  3. What does Salvage Branded IF Rebuilt specifically mean, and is it just a regular salvage title?
  4. What is a Salvage Rebuildable title?
  5. Can I register a vehicle in Florida with a “TX NON-REPAIRABLE FLOOD” title?
  6. What does a clean title, which means the vehicle is not salvaged, mean, and what are the fees associated with buying it now?
  7. Can a certificate from Ohio become a title if reconstruction is done?
  8. What is a salvage title?
  9. What does “WI CLEAR-IGNITE TBO” mean?
  10. What does “Minnesota Peddle Non-Public Clean Title” mean, and is it recognized as a clean title in other states?
  11. Which titles remain clean: ‘May Become Salvage’ or ‘Clean Title (P) May Become Salvage’?
  12. What does ‘FL Certificate of Destruction for Export Only. US Customers – Parts Only. No Title’ mean?
  13. What does ‘VA Clear Non-Public’ mean?
  14. What does “NY MV-907A (must be reconstructed in the state of NY)” mean, and will I be able to register it in Michigan?
  15. What does a “Junk Certificate” on a vehicle mean?
  16. How long will it take to receive the title after winning the auction?
  17. How can I obtain a replacement title?
  18. What does ‘Reissue VIN Branding’ mean?
  19. Can an FL Certificate of Destruction marked ‘For Export Only’ and ‘Parts Only, No Title’ be exported to Dubai, UAE?
  20. What does “NY CLEAR OPEN LIENS” mean on an auction listing?
  21. What does the Title Designation “NJ DIS/DLR” mean?
  22. What does ‘exempt status’ mean for vehicles?
  23. Can an out-of-state salvage title be registered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my name?
  24. Why must the vehicle be reconstructed in New York instead of another state?
  25. What does ‘Title: PENDING FOR 30 DAYS’ mean?
  26. What does ‘Not Suitable for Registration’ mean?
  27. What happens if the title becomes “salvage” after I transfer ownership?
  29. Do all vehicles need an official inspection to be allowed on the road?
  30. What happens if I loose a title and/or need to order a duplicate?
  31. Which vehicles come with clean titles ready to be tagged and insured?
  32. What does it mean when I buy a car that has a clean title but when you do the transfer it can become a salvage title. Will I still be able to drive it?
  33. My question is if there is any documentation of such abandoned cars and how to distinguish if there is or not. I would also need export documentation and if provided who is responsible for the paperwork and expenses?
  34. Which type of documents I will receive when I buy a car with the title of salvage and what type of document do I receive for registration in the Czech Republic?
  35. What does this mean: CERTIFICATE OF TITLE (CLEAN) may become SALVAGE upon ownership transfer as per NMVTIS regulation?
  36. Is it possible to matriculate a motorcycle in Germany imported from the U.S. with a certificate of destruction?
  37. Is it possible to export a car that has a Missouri junking certificate?
  38. Can NC non-public clean title cars be exported to Nigeria?
  39. Can a non-public clean title car be exported?
  40. FL Certificate of Destruction can a vehicle with such kind of title be exported to Nigeria?
  41. If I get a Certificate of Destruction For Export Only. US Customers, Parts Only. No Title. can you not get a title and insurance?
  42. Can the vehicle with a clear title be exported out of American to any other country like Nigeria?
  43. What does it mean when a title says Salvage Certificate?
  44. Say must be rebuilt in NY. Does that mean after I rebuild vehicle I must send the info to NY to get a rebuilt title? I live in AZ can I rebuild and have inspected in AZ have no plans to be in NY.
  45. What does Bill of Sale as a Title Description mean?
  46. Can I buy a car on the auction with a Non Public Clean Title for personal use?
  47. I purchased a salvage RV popup trailer. I repaired myself. How do I obtain a new title in Texas?
  48. May a clear title be purchase on RV if its rebuild complete from a destruction title?
  49. If the bike is for Export to Europe can it be with a Clear Title then?
  50. How do I get Original Paperwork and proof of payment in two days of end of auction?
  51. What does “Certificate of Origin” mean? Some of cars are in Europe, Belgium Antwerp
  52. What does “not to be sold in the US” mean, and more importantly, why?
  53. Where do the titles come from?
  54. If a non-dealer purchases a vehicle with a ‘Peddle Non-Public Clean Title,’ will they receive a clean title?
  55. FL purchase for parts only of a vehicle with certificate of destruction. Will this be a problem?
  56. I live in Lagos Nigeria, I am wondering if I successfully bid for a car and won, how am I going to get the car document after purchase?
  57. Can I re-sell the car with the title reassignment paper? Where does the buyer sign?
  58. If I purchase a camper through you can I have the title put in somebody else’s name?
  59. NJ flood salvage can be registered in Florida?
  60. Can get a title if it says CO Salvage title?
  61. What does this means on vehicle titles. If buy this am i good to run/use vehicle on the roads and will be able to register it in DMV or not.
  62. Looking at a Traverse, says FL Rebuilt Title and Mileage not actual. Can this be titled in MD? What does that mean, mileage not actual?
  63. Can a salvage title be made into a clean title in Georgia after motorcycle is repaired?
  64. When I’m buying a car with out of state title, after you transfer the title to me is it considered as in-state title in my state?
  65. What does “Kills Vin” and “cannot be re registered in the US mean”?
  66. On a motorcycle it say my be salvaged title upon being balt. The bike is from Georgia I live in TN . And the mileage says 123 exempt what is that?
  67. Must be rebuild in the state of NY, can it be shipped outside the US?
  68. On Certificate of Destruction titles that say “for Export Only,” does that refer to exporting out of the state it’s in or out of the country?
  69. What is salvage/rebuild in the title? Does this mean it was already a salvage before this wreck? Essentially salvaged twice?
  70. If the title says “Texas Original” can it be register in the US?
  71. What it means: May Become Salvage Upon Ownership Transfer…?
  72. WA bill of sale, what good is it?
  73. Salvaged titles? Do y’all still send them even though they are bad?
  74. Can I register the car and drive it in the United States?
  75. If I buy a car on buy now and I go pick it up do I get the title when I pay or do I have to wait for it by mail?
  76. What does the Title Designation ‘DIS/DLR/EXP ONLY’ Indicate?
  77. What does this mean if the motorcycle has no title?
  78. I don’t have a driver license to fill out the paperwork! What I can do?
  79. What does the ‘TBO’ title mean, and is it only for dealers to bid on?
  80. What is NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System)?
  81. Will the title for the vehicle I won be reassigned to my personal or company name?
  82. What is “reconstructed title or rebuilt title”?
  83. Why did I receive a different type of title than the one described, specifically an equivalent title from a different state?
  84. When will I receive the title, and how will it be mailed to me?
  85. Can I have the title mailed to an address/name different from the address/name on my account?
  86. Does the name on the driver’s license have to match the account information?
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