FAQs Shipment

The shipment of your car can be a stressful issue, but no need to worry. Relieve yourself for any tension by having a look below.

  1. Can I pick up the car with a clean title that I won and start driving it?
  2. Are there any fees due at the pickup location?
  3. After winning a bid, how can I arrange for the car to be shipped to my country, Ghana?
  4. After I win a car, I’d like to go and pick it up myself. Do I get a temporary license plate?
  5. What does “Attention: This is an offsite sale. Pickup location may differ from the auction location” mean?
  6. If the vehicle, transport, and all fees have been paid, and the paperwork is complete, but transport did not pick up the vehicle by the due date, is the vehicle considered abandoned and will it be resold?
  7. How long do I have to pick up the item after the auction closes?
  8. Do I have to have items shipped or can I pick them up?
  9. Can I register the vehicle under a different name if I am shipping it overseas?
  10. Can motorcycles be shipped to New Zealand in crates?
  11. Do you load boats without a trailer onto a trailer?
  12. When I buy the car and want to pick it up, what documentation or requirements do I need to provide?
  13. How do I know where to pick up the car?
  14. If I purchase a car at an auction and book a shipment through HaulMatch, who is responsible for the late fee if the car isn’t picked up within 4 days?
  15. Is a car insured if it is damaged during shipping?
  16. Must a vehicle be transported by someone or can I pick it up myself?
  17. Can you ship my car to me in Ghana after purchasing?
  18. What paperwork will I need to have with me when I pick up the vehicle?
  19. Can I arrange for pickup/shipping by myself after winning at the auctions?
  20. Do you have to have it shipped or can we pick it up?
  21. Can I ship a salvage vehicle directly to Africa or just the way I bought it without reconstruction?
  22. Do I have to pick up the car personally in the USA?
  23. Will RideSafely handle shipping arrangements if I ask?
  24. If you win a Bid and pay for the transport and they don’t pick the car up until after 4 days, will i be charge for the days over when I have no control? and how often do that happen, late pick?
  25. I am in Ghana. Is it possible to arrange for HaulMatch.com to pick a vehicle and ship to me after purchase?
  26. Can a storage fee be incurred with you even after I might have commissioned haulmatch to do the shipment
  27. If I purchased a car in Texas, can my friend pick up the car and do the shipping on my behalf?
  28. How much time to pick before charging storage fees?
  29. What do i need to do to get the full documents to ship the car by Haulmatch?
  30. What time can I pick up my vehicle?
  31. Does the amount quoted for a vehicle by the ‘Shipping Calculator’ when considering the cost of transportation outside of USA to another country include the vehicle cost?
  32. If I live in CA who do I contact to see where the vehicle gets shipped to for pick up?
  33. How the motorcycle shipment to Dubai, who will arrange to pick from yard and send to ship?
  34. Can I buy an auction car and have it shipped overseas without visiting the yard oversea Or I must have a representative there to sign papers and sort out the shipping
  35. Can I buy car online and you export me to United Arab Emirates. How much you will charge for exportation?
  36. Is there any way to know how quickly the transport company you list here will be able to pick up my purchase. I live in Michigan and am afraid no truck would be interested
  37. If I win a bid and during the shipment I decide not use a container but rather go in for ro ro how do I change the shipment process?
  38. What does Self-Load unit mean?
  39. I’m from Oman country i check list of countries in HaulMatch company but my country not there… just i want know if there other company can ship car to my country?
  40. If a vehicle does not come with a title can it be shipped to the Bahamas?
  41. I am from Afghanistan, if I will win the bid can I use any United States address for the shipping my vehicle?
  42. Is there a time limit to pick up the vehicle?
  43. What is meant by an Oversized Item Incurring Unusual Transportation Cost?
  44. Shipping fees are different from auction fees?
  45. I want to buy used car and ship to Ethiopia through port Djibouti, so would you help me the way please?
  46. I want to buy a car, if I bought it how to ship a car to Iraq?
  47. Please provide shipping prices from USA to Oman?
  48. How to ship or export car to El Salvador?
  49. Can I tow a RV with salvage title?
  50. How many days of free storage do I have?
  51. How a car can be shipped to Nigeria & does it have extra charges?
  52. I need to know the location of the vehicle so I can pick it up?
  53. How much does it cost to ship a car?
  54. When can I pick up the vehicle?
  55. What documentation is required to pick up a vehicle?
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