I was online to check the various cars you have in your garage and with bid prices, but to my surprise, i learnt all those prices are not real. why is it so?

We are a broker for insurance company auctions. The prices we have listed are either a buy now prices the auction has set or current bid prices from either the auction or one of our customers. Read more

Is this auction available to the public? Can i bid and purchase vehicle or do i need a licence to bid?

Yes, all auctions are available to public on our auction website. All you need is a valid driver’s license.

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A lot of fraud going online, can you tell me how secure is RideSafely?

We are very secure. You can check www.inc.com and search for RideSafely.com, Inc., to see that we were on Inc. 500 list in the past several years, also check IAA – Licensed Brokers Listing. You can definitely trust us with your purchase and you won’t be disappointed. Read more