I was notified I had the high bid on a vehicle which is now on “Awaiting Results”. Can you tell me how long it will be before I can proceed with the purchase?

Auction results may take up to 48 hrs to be posted. Read more

How long after online bidding ends does total bidding end and award of truk to bidder occurs?

Once the bidding ends on our site, the live auction will begin within half hour. Bidding could go on all day. Results are usually available by end of the day or may take up to 48 hours. Read more

Actual auction takes place how long after pre-bidding ends?

Live auction usually would start half hour after pre-bid ends. Final results may take up-to 48 hours to be available. Read more

How long does it take to get the results to a auction?

The auction can take up to 48 hours to post results. If the auction comes back with a counter offer or a reserve price, we would let you know so that you can make a decision.

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