Looking at a Traverse, says FL Rebuilt Title and Mileage not actual. Can this be titled in MD? What does that mean, mileage not actual?

Yes, you should be able to register it in MD (Maryland). Please keep in mind, state of MD may have you do your own reconstruction process in your state as well as mileage verification. Read more

I put in that I wanted a bid limit of $400 and covered that would my card. When I looked back on the site it said my bid limit was $4000. I not sure how it works but I do not want to pay $4000 for a truck work only $400 to me.

You do have a deposit of $400 available through your credit card which will make your “bidding limit” show at $4,000. Please do not confuse bidding limit and your actual bid. They are two different things. Bidding limits lets you bid UP-to that amount ($4,000) where your bid is what you actually put in when you bid on a particular item which in your case is $300. Read more

How are the fees calculated and what % are they?

Fees vary based on many things such as price bracket, auction type, auction, etc. Please use fee calculator located on each item description to see what they actual fees would be on that particular item. If ever in doubt, please feel free to contact us on a particular item and we will be happy to assist you. Read more

Actual auction takes place how long after pre-bidding ends?

Live auction usually would start half hour after pre-bid ends. Final results may take up-to 48 hours to be available. Read more

Does winning a bid on this site mean that I actually won the vehicle or do you take our highest bid to the auction and “see” if you win?

We do collect the highest bidder on our site and then represent them at the actual auction. We do bid in the smallest possible increments at the live auction to try to obtain the best price for you. Some items do end up going at a higher price, which means you would lose the sale. If we are unable to purchase the vehicle for you, your deposit is 100% refundable.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (215) 289-0300.

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