General Questions


Do you have lenders or banks that we can get pre-approved for the auction?

We do not have lenders for salvage vehicles. If you are looking at clean cars, we can try to get you pre-approved if you are interested. I would suggest you try your own bank first as it may be a cheaper financing option. Read more

What happens if I win a vehicle at the auction, but then change my mind and decide that I do not want it?

All bids are binding and all sales are final. If we successfully win a vehicle for you at auction and you decide to change your mind or forgo the sale, your deposit will be kept for relisting fees. Please be aware, relisting fees vary by auction. The minimum relist fee is $400 and it may be as high as 15% of your winning bid. Read more

How to delete a bid?

Please keep in mind, all bids are binding. If you need to delete a bid, you must contact customer at (215) 289-0300 and a representative would be able to assist you and finding out if there is still time to delete or the item is already going through the auction. Read more

Can i purchase without a licence? and how do i know what fees would be?

You do not need any special licensing to purchase with us. You need to have a valid driver license or passport (if exporting).
Please use a fee calculator located on every description page to find out what the fees would be on the amount you are bidding on that particular item. Please keep in mind, some fees may vary based on price, auction type, ect. Read more

Do i need a specific license to buy now or enter a bid on the auction ?

No. You do not need to have any special licensing to bid or win. We have all the licenses required. All you need to have is a valid driver license and/or passport if it is for export. Read more