Keys Questions


How do i know if the vehicle that i am purchasing has keys or not?

Most of the time keys will be shown on the pictures. Please keep in mind, auction does NOT guarantee keys and claims will not be made if the keys are missing. Read more

Does the vehicle have keys?

Many vehicles from Insurance Auctions come without keys. Sometimes keys are lost at the auction lot, during moves of the vehicle between and within auction lots, or in transit. Therefore, we do NOT guarantee the availability of keys, even when they are visible in the photographs.

How can I obtain a key for the vehicle?

We suggest the following three ways to obtain a key for your vehicle: 1) From VIN. Contact a local authorized dealer (for your vehicle make) and inquire if a key can be made from the VIN 2) From Ignition Code. If the local authorized dealer cannot make a key from the VIN, then ask if a key can be made from the code engraved on the ignition. This would require removal of the ignition in order to view the code. 3) From Ignition. Take your vehicle’s ignition to a locksmith, who will be able to make a key specific to the ignition. This usually costs under $100.