How do I get Original Paperwork and proof of payment in two days of end of auction?

Within 2 days of the end of the auction, you will have to have already paid for the vehicle and arranged to have it picked up in order to avoid getting charged storage fees by the auction.

  • The documents that need to be signed for RideSafely for each vehicle are available online and are signed electronically (takes <5 minutes, usually <1).
  • The original documents for each vehicle (title and any reassignments) are sent to us by the auction after the vehicle is picked up.

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What does “Certificate of Origin” mean? Some of cars are in Europe, Belgium Antwerp

Certificate of origin means that this car is brand new and has not yet been registered. Read more

Do you provide access to both IAA and Copart auctions? Does my registration fee provide access to both?

Our registration is completely FREE! Please make sure you are registered via Yes, we have access to both of those auctions and many more. Read more

Can a storage fee be incurred with you even after I might have commissioned haulmatch to do the shipment

The storage fees are being charged directly by the auction facilities. Yes, they will keep accumulating until the time the vehicle leaves the auction facility. Some shipping companies including will cover auction fees after a certain amount of time. Please contact your shipping company directly for more details. Read more

What does “not to be sold in the US” mean? Actually why is the better question

“CANNOT BE REGISTERED IN THE US” means that the vehicle was deemed to be unsafe for the US roads by an insurance company or a law enforcement agency. These vehicles usually come with documents called “Certificate of Destruction”, “Non-Registerable”. “Junk Title”, “Bill of Sale only”, “Parts Only”, et al. Read more