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Salvaged titles? Do y’all still send them even though they are bad?

Yes, if you purchase a salvage title vehicle, the title would get reassigned to your name and mailed to you. Read more

Can I register the car and drive it in the United States?

If it’s a clean title, yes. If it’s a salvage title, you would first have to do a reconstruction on it in your state in order for it to become street legal again. Parts only or certificate of destructions cannot be registered in the USA. They can only be used for parts. Read more

If I buy a car on buy now and I go pick it up do I get the title when I pay or do I have to wait for it by mail?

All titles get sent to us first. We will then process the title and reassign it to you and mail it out. Read more

I won a 2008 Corvette, but I still haven’t gotten the title for a car I bought

Hi! I won a 2008 Corvette but I still haven’t gotten my title, it’s been 6 weeks. I was thinking of buying more cars but without a title I can’t let me know if this is a standard time frame on titles and how much longer am i to wait? thank you
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What does this mean if the motorcycle has no title?

No Title on motorcycle…

  • Can a title be reissued for street use or does this mean there is no way to fix the bike for road use and just scrap it for parts?
  • The motorbike is perfectly fine but why is there no title? Thank you.

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