I’m from Oman country i check list of countries in HaulMatch company but my country not there… just i want know if there other company can ship car to my country?

You can use Google.com to locate a shipping company that ships to your country. You can also try calling HaulMatch.com and they may refer you to one. You can also try companies like Atlantic Express or Uship.com. Read more

Can I get an agent to assist me with bidding, purchasing and shipment to Nigeria?

Sure. Please contact our customer service line at (215) 289-0300 or email us at info@ridesafely.com so that we can assist you in bidding and selecting a right item for you. Feel free to contact www.HaulMatch.com for all your shipping/export needs as well. Read more

After winning a bid how do I get someone to ship the car to my country Ghana?

We do not do shipping, but please feel free to contact www.HaulMatch.com for all your shipping/export needs. Learn more about How much does it cost to ship a car?. Read more

What is meant by an Oversized Item Incurring Unusual Transportation Cost?

That means that not all shipping companies are able to accommodate a large item. It will most likely mean that you would need to hire a specialty company that can handle large items which usually come at a higher cost that regular shipping company. Read more

I want to buy used car and ship to Ethiopia through port Djibouti, so would you help me the way please?

Please contact www.haulmatch.com for all your shipping needs. Read more