I purchased a salvage RV popup trailer. I repaired myself. How do I obtain a new title in Texas?

Since every State, and sometimes even County, has its own requirements, you would need to contact your local DMV for steps necessary to obtain a title. Read more

May a clear title be purchase on RV if its rebuild complete from a destruction title?

If a vehicle has ever had a Junk, Non-Repairable, Certificate of Destruction, or similar branding in its history, you will not be able to get a Clean Title for it. Some States do remove the junk branding on titles, but only if the vehicles are kept within their State. You would have to contact your local DMV to confirm. Read more

If I win bid, how long do I have to pay the remaining balance?

Payment is due by 4:00PM Eastern Time (GMT-5) on the 2nd business day following the date of your auction win notification. Sign in to view your bids › Read more

If the bike is for Export to Europe can it be with a Clear Title then?

Each vehicle comes with title paperwork as described in the listing. How your country views and interprets the paperwork is out of our control. Read more