What is the process for exporting a car from the United States?

To export a car from the United States, one must follow a series of steps to ensure compliance with both the U.S. and the importing country’s regulations:

  1. Documentation: Gather all necessary documents such as the original title, bill of sale, and any lien release documents.
  2. Regulations: Ensure you’re familiar with the importing country’s vehicle standards and regulations. Some countries have restrictions on vehicle age, emissions, or even the side of the car the steering wheel is on.
  3. Shipping: Choose a reputable international shipping company. The company will guide you through the best shipping method, be it Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) or container shipping.
  4. Customs and Duties: Prior to shipping, submit the required U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) documentation. Upon arrival in the destination country, you’ll need to pay any applicable duties and taxes.
  5. Inspections: Some countries require the vehicle to undergo inspections upon arrival, checking for things like safety standards and emissions.
  6. Registration: Once the vehicle clears customs and any inspections, you’ll need to register it in the importing country.
  7. Insurance: Ensure you have the appropriate international car insurance coverage.
  8. Additional Costs: Be prepared for potential additional costs, such as import duties, taxes, and registration fees.

It’s essential to work closely with both the shipping company and any local contacts or agencies in the importing country to ensure a smooth process.

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