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How to Save Money by Buying a Salvage Minivan Car

Outside of major cities, public transportation can be unreliable, especially in the US. Having a running vehicle has become a necessity in order to get to work or make a trip to the store. Since many households have to share a vehicle, getting around to earn a living or accomplish chores has turned into a struggle.

Luckily, there is a cheap and easy solution to obtaining reliable transportation. Buying a salvage minivan car can provide a way to haul lots of goods, equipment, family members or even co-workers to any destination. As a second car, minivans have so much versatility, they can fulfill almost any need.

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Why Buy Salvage Car?

Salvage vehicles are one of the most inexpensive options available. There are also countless choices to peruse using online car auctions like RideSafely – Auto Auctions. With enough research and patience, you should be able to locate a minivan within your area that is either running or could be brought back to road-ready condition without a significant investment.

What to Look for When Buying a Salvage Minivan?

Salvage vehicles tend to be salvaged for a variety of reasons. There are many paths to consider when looking for a salvage minivan. It is important to keep in mind that vehicles are salvaged because the cost of retail repairs exceeded the insurance company’s estimate for the vehicles value. You can take advantage of the different ways that they calculate this number to locate a great deal.

Older Models Cars

These can be totaled by the insurance company for even the most minor of repairs. Since older vehicles have a small actual cash value on paper, any damage that exceeds a couple of hundred dollars to fix retail will cause the vehicle to be salvaged instead.

Usually, these fixes could actually take far less money to fix than the insurance company anticipated. Older salvage minivans thus tend to have less expensive repairs thanks to the formulas that insurance companies use.

Newer Models Cars

Minivans have a large amount of body cladding, which is usually made out of plastic or some equivalent material. When someone absentmindedly backs into a wall or another vehicle, their minivan can sustain quite a bit of cosmetic damage. Since these parts on newer vehicles are typically recommended to be replaced by the same parts a manufacturer uses, the insurance estimates could easily soar into the thousands. This high repair estimate will cause the vehicle to be totaled instead.

Luckily, you do not have to use OEM parts or even completely replace body damage at all to have the vehicle street-legal. If you do not mind looks, a recent-model salvage minivan could be quite the bargain. Additionally, many newer models cars have complex electronics that will automatically open doors and rear hatches. When these get damaged, they are quite expensive to fix like new. If you do not mind simply disabling these systems, you could have repairs done for next to nothing.

Buying a newer Honda Odyssey car or Dodge Caravan salvage car can be a real bargain. Find a vehicle at online auto auction.


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With enough research and patience, you should be able to locate a minivan within your area… Learn more:…

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