How to Find the Best Auction Cars for Sale

Whether you are looking for a little excitement or the best prices, a car auction typically delivers both experiences. Once you decide to make the switch from a brick-and-mortar car dealership with set prices to an auction giving you the chance of saving big money, you should take the time to learn a few tips. […]

Common Terms You Should Know Before Attending a Car Auction

Buying your new used car from a car auction can often be a lengthy process that entails a lot of confusion in terminology. For someone who is new to the whole auction scene, knowing and processing these terms as they happen around them is a tough task. The terms in play within an auction relate specifically to the processes of the auction, which is why the lack of knowledge pertaining to these terms can come and haunt you later on if you make a wrong bid or an offer. Read more

Could You Find Your Next Bargain Car at a Salvage Auction?

Most people have heard about the bargains to be had at car auctions, where repossessed, confiscated, and impounded vehicles can be bought for thousands less than at a regular dealer. However, fewer people are aware of the even less expensive deals you could get at a salvage auction. Read more

Easy Tips for Searching an Online Auto Auction for Your Next Great Deal

Searching for your next vehicle at an online auto auction not only saves you from the annoyance of visiting one car dealer after another, but it can also deliver cash savings, a better variety of vehicles to consider, and a lot less frustration. Instead of gimmicks and tricks to get you to sign on the […]