What does “NY MV-907A (must be reconstructed in the state of NY)” mean, and will I be able to register it in Michigan?

If you’re considering registering a vehicle with a “NY MV-907A” title in Michigan, it’s important to check directly with Michigan’s DMV. The acceptance of an MV-907A, which indicates a salvage title in New York, varies by state. Some states may accept it, while others may not. If Michigan’s DMV does not take the NY MV-907A for direct registration, you should first complete the required inspections and repairs in New York. Whenever a person acquires a salvage vehicle, other than by receiving a properly endorsed MV-907A (transfer copy), they must complete an MV-907A form according to the instructions provided and submit the DMV copy to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 15 business days of the acquisition date.

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