What does ‘Auction Verification’ mean, specifically ‘Runs & Drives’ or ‘Engine Start’?

At times, Insurance Auction staff may confirm a vehicle’s ‘Engine Start‘ ability and ‘Run and Drive‘ status upon intake at their facility. This process typically involves attempting to start the vehicle—with or without external aids like jump-starts or booster boxes—and checking if it can move forward under its own power. However, there is no assurance that the vehicle will be roadworthy or function similarly when retrieved by the buyer.

Please note, that RideSafely does not conduct these verifications and is unaware of the specific methods used by the Insurance Auction staff, such as whether booster boxes or wire splicing was necessary. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the engine’s performance or the vehicle’s drivability.

RideSafely is not liable for the outcome of these verifications, the vehicle’s operational quality, or any subsequent issues. If ‘Auction Verification‘ is not listed for a vehicle, such information was not provided.

Need help with auction verifications? Get immediate assistance by contacting our RideSafely support team at (215) 289-0300.

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