I received my vehicle and discovered additional damages, including undercarriage issues and other latent defects not visible in the pictures. What are my options?

All vehicles listed on RideSafely.com are sold “as-is,” which means we unfortunately cannot offer recourse for additional damages discovered upon receipt, including undercarriage issues or latent defects not apparent in photographs. We advise customers to be aware that salvage vehicles may harbor unseen damages. RideSafely.com, along with its affiliated dealers, does not receive detailed damage reports or comprehensive vehicle histories from Insurance Auctions. Consequently, we are not privy to any latent defects or previous repair work on vehicles. It’s also important to note that RideSafely.com and its affiliates are unaware of any repairs that vehicles might have undergone, nor can we assess the quality of such repairs. We urge all our customers to bid with full awareness of these conditions.

For further assistance or queries, the RideSafely team is always at your service. Feel free to reach out to us directly at (215) 289-0300 for personalized support.

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