What does “not to be sold in the US” mean, and more importantly, why?

Vehicles marked as “CANNOT BE REGISTERED IN THE US” have been classified as unsafe for US roads by insurance companies or law enforcement agencies. Such vehicles are often accompanied by documents like “Certificate of Destruction,” “Non-Registerable,” “Junk Title,” “Bill of Sale only,” or “Parts Only.”

To bid on vehicles that cannot obtain a registrable title and are not eligible for registration in the US, you must acknowledge your understanding of their limitations. Please send an email to info[at]ridesafely.com, clearly stating your awareness that the item you’re bidding on is for parts only and cannot be registered in the United States. Ensure to include a link to the vehicle on our site or the vehicle’s Year, Make, Model, and Inventory number.

For vehicles intended for export, consult with your shipping provider about the export process, as vehicles with a “PARTS-ONLY” or “BILL OF SALE ONLY” status may require dismantling before export.

Should you have further queries or require additional support, our team is readily available to assist. Connect with us directly by calling (215) 289-0300. We’re here to help!

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