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This model designation was first introduced when the big redesign of the entire Ram range took place in 1994. The redesign brought significant changes, and all the models of the range started looking like big rig trucks. The buyers enjoyed it so much that Ram won the Truck of the Year award given by the Motor Trend magazine three times.

Ram 1500 was always a half ton model and it could be had with a choice of three different V8 engines, two different box sizes and three different cab designs. There were also two different types of transmission available in order to handle the colossal torque delivered by the V8 behemoths.

A limited production run even featured a certain number of trucks fitted with a natural gas engine for use in fleets. The Ram 1500 came with rear-wheel drive or all-while drive option and it could be ordered with two different types of rear axles. The second generation saw the introduction of a V6 engine and the V8 Hemi engine, along with the new cab design called Mega Cab.

Buyers choose Ram 1500 over its competitors because of its unmistakable, brash styling, excellent towing capacities, interior refinement and overall ruggedness and durability.

It has always been among the best selling light-duty pickup trucks, along with its competitors such as Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Nissan Titan.

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The new generation of Ram 1500 features the coil spring rear suspension instead of leaf springs in order to improve the handling and ride quality. Out of all countless options and trim levels available to the potential buyers, the most popular one is SLT and it is commonly purchased in white, red or silver color. The common price range for Dodge Ram 1500 is starting $1,000-$29,000 at an online car auction.

Certain generations of Ram 1500 have been involved in minor recalls concerning the wheel hubs, frontal air bags, front seat belts and engine cooling systems. The IIHS gave it an overall “good” rating for frontal crash tests and an overall “marginal” rating for side impact tests.

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