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Abandoned Cars in Massachusetts, Buy at Car Dealer Auction

On Ridesafely.com there are thousands of vehicles available to purchase thru Instant “Buy Now” or via “Standard Auction“. When looking at particular types of vehicles, many consider purchasing abandoned cars in Massachusetts. While these cars are a toss-up as to why the previous owner abandoned the car, these are excellent buys if you understand what it takes to get them back onto the road.

A few examples of a vehicle becoming abandoned, depending on local laws, according to USLegal.com, include:

  1. If said vehicle is inoperable, is more than five years old, and has been left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours
  2. If said vehicle has remained illegally on public property or remained illegally on private property without owner’s permission for 48 hours
  3. If said vehicle has been left unattended on the right-of-way on a designated county, state, or federal highway for more than 48 hours

If you reside in Massachusetts, a vehicle becomes abandoned if it is left on a public or private property for a number of days without the permission of the owner or lessee of that property. It does not matter if the vehicle is registered or not. While the owner, which is the person or entity that is listed on the last registration, is legally responsible for either removing or towing the vehicle, there are numerous repercussions if they do not follow the law.

Abandoned Vehicles in Massachusetts

According to the Massachusetts Legislature, if the owner of the abandoned vehicle is at fault and charged, they shall be fined $250 for the first incident and $500 for each incident afterwards. If convicted, the court can decide if the owner loses their license for up to three months along with the possibility of not allowing another vehicle to be registered in their name for up to one year. If the punishment includes both loss of license and no registration, there is no appeal process.

There is one way the original owner is not reprimanded if their vehicle is found abandoned in the state of Massachusetts: if it was previously reported stolen.

abandoned carsIn the state of Massachusetts, there are two parties that can determine if a vehicle is abandoned. Those include a parking clerk, a representative for the owner or lessee of the property the vehicle is located at, or a police offer.

By law, according to the Massachusetts Legislature, each are required to attach a tag to the potentially abandoned vehicle which includes the current date, the location of said vehicle, its make, color, registration number, if any, and its vehicle identification number; a telephone number or address at which the owner may obtain information regarding the status of the motor vehicle the hearing procedure regarding abandoned motor vehicles, and finally a statement that after a specified period of time, that vehicle will be towed and disposed of.

After all parties have been notified in writing about the fate of the abandoned car, it will either be sold at auction to pay for the fees or sent straight to scrap if the perceived value is less than the cost of removal, transportation and three days storage along with all other expenses. If the incurred expenses are more in either scenario, the previous owner will be notified within 14 days that they are responsible for paying all charges.

Registering an abandoned vehicle after one is purchased varies by state, however many define abandoned as a form of salvage. If your state follows these guidelines, one needs to repair the vehicle to be driven safely on public streets and then get an inspection completed by either a motor vehicle inspector or a police officer. After the inspection, one will be able to obtain a restored/salvage title and legally register in their specific state.

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