Buyer Services Questions


What are the storage yard hour of operation and days of the week?

Each storage yard is different. Most of them however work Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:30PM. You would have to contact a particular yard for more details. Read more

Can private out of state purchase?

Yes, anyone can purchase with us as long as you have a valid ID such as Driver’s license or passport. Read more

Can I buy it salvage car during my visit to the USA?

Yes. The whole process if everything is done on-time and successfully is pretty quick.
Please check out our FAQ’s for more information on how everything works. Read more

The English version differs from the translated versions – Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc.. Which is correct?

The ENGLISH version supersedes all translated text located on our website. We do not guarantee accuracy in the translated (non-English) versions of descriptions, disclosures, etc. Translations have been provided solely for customer convenience.