Transportation Questions


Is there a time limit to pick up vehicle?

Yes. Once the item is won, you will be notified on the exact amount of time you have to pick up your item. Different auctions have different rules. Free storage days vary from 2-5 days. Auction storage fees vary from $20-50 per day, depending on auction.

If you have a specific item in mind, please let us know the inventory number and we’ll be happy to give you more details on it. Read more

What is meant by an Oversized Item Incurring Unusual Transportation Cost?

That means that not all shipping companies are able to accommodate a large item. It will most likely mean that you would need to hire a specialty company that can handle large items which usually come at a higher cost that regular shipping company. Read more

Shipping fees are different from auction fees?

Yes, shipping fees are different from auction fees and are not part of your payment to Shipping calculator is provided to you by a third-party company such as Read more

I want to buy used car and ship to Ethiopia through port Djibouti, so would you help me the way please?

Please contact for all your shipping needs. Read more

I want to buy a car, if I bought it how to ship a car to Iraq?

Please contact a shipping company such as to assist you with all your shipping needs. More details: Get International Shipping Rates Instantly. Read more